Fantasy Stan (2016)


A man, born from a test tube, awakes- forgotten and buried deep under the ruins of a destroyed America.


This was more or less a Pilot episode, an my first real 2D animation. I had made it roughly 10 months before I started on Broken Reflections in 2017. I learned a lot from this piece, an while it is definitely rough (in terms of animation), this acted as my playground for shot composition and working with 2D environments. I started to experiment with parallax effects which made the world more believable.

I had already planned out a part two, but my professor didn’t think I would grow in terms of skill if I simply continued the story, so he suggested I take on something I hadn’t tried before. That something was Broken Reflections.

Animation, Story, Design, Sound Mixing, Music and Editing by:
Cailin Tamplin

Some Sound Effects were taken from:

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