What You Don’t See (2018)

A night guard in the Applegate Lake Containment Center, is alerted of movement in a service tunnel leading to the depths of the lake bottom, where mysterious eggs were found years previous.

This two and a half minute horror short was a study on atmospheric horror, green screen techniques and compositing 3d models with live action. I am a sucker for Halloween specials and have wanted to make one for the longest time. The title What you Don’t See I took from my mom, I was showing her a rough cut of the movie and she kept saying “I can’t see it.” But that’s the point, the creature is invisible and you’re only given a glimpse, the rest is “off camera,” letting the audience build what happens in their own minds. Overall, I learned a lot from this project. There are many things I will do differently when taking on a similar project. I hope you enjoy!

Take a look at the 3D models I created for this project here!


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