Tamplin Fine Designs – Commercial Short Film (2019)

I recently had the opportunity to build a miniature forest and beach set to showcase a jewelers work in a creative way. Building the set was fun and easy, but when it came to compositing in digital elements it proved difficult!

The build started with a plank of wood that I drilled sticks (that best resembled tree trunks) into, then paper mache’d a landscape so the turrain would look realistic, not flat.

Next, I applied model grass flakes to cover up any messy paper mache work. I then went on a hike and gathered actual moss, sticks that resembled logs, rocks and various greenery. Using spray glue i assembled all of the elements.

I applied the fake grass, real moss, rocks and greenery.

Finally, I was ready to shoot! I set up a blue screen so I could add a digital background in post and basic even lighting to easily modify in post. We then added all of the jewelers pendants to the scene.


After the shoot post production begins! Here is the breakdown in video form:

You can find the pendants for sell here on the Jeweler’s website:
Tamplin Fine Designs

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