Tamplin Fine Designs – Commercial Short Film (2019)

I recently had the opportunity to build a miniature forest and beach set to showcase a jewelers work in a creative way. Building the set was fun and easy, but when it came to compositing in digital elements it proved difficult! The build started with a plank of wood that I drilled sticks (that best … Continue reading Tamplin Fine Designs – Commercial Short Film (2019)

60 Sec. Short: Breach (2017)

Synopsis: A Containment Officer, working for Sector Laboratories, receives a disconcerting message via a futuristic device, leading him to a containment breach in an ambiguous “Sector 3,” what he finds baffles him. -- Directors Note: This project was for my Digital Video (EMDA 202) class at Southern Oregon University. The parameters for this project were … Continue reading 60 Sec. Short: Breach (2017)