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– 2022 Mograph Showreel –


As a motion graphics artist, I am obsessed with telling a story. In fact, I like to consider myself a storyteller first. Whether it is for a short film, online edutainment, or marketing: I strive to connect with my audience through visual narrative. So check out my work! I’m quite the swiss army knife!

Big Personal Projects:

I like to keep my site light by only showing a few personal projects. Most of my professional work is propietary and I cannot show it here. If you’d like, shoot me a message and I can send you a secret link to a few of those proprietary projects.

Shop at the Edge of Town – Director, Writer, Post-Production

Contact me if you’d like to see this film!

A Weeping in the Woods – Director, Writer, Post-Production

Econo-Bot – Director, Animator

Give me a shout!